Alibaba Cloud Services

Alibaba Cloud Services

As the Official Cloud Services Partner to the Olympic Games and the infrastructure powering Alibaba, we provide high-performance cloud technology to help your business perform at its best.Alibaba offers Object Storage Service (OSS), Cloud Disks (block storage), Network Attached Storage (NAS) and a cloud storage gateway software appliance. Alibaba also has artificial intelligence capabilities for image and video recognition, which can utilize its storage services.

Benefits of Public Cloud Solutions:

Stable and fast
  • Advanced distributed system architecture: 1500+ globally.
  • Adequate bandwidth and storage resources: a single node provides a bandwidth of more than 40 Gbps and a storage capacity of 40 TB to 1.5 PB.
  • Stable and efficient performance indicators: greater than 95% hit rate and video fluency rate, as well as millisecond-level response time.
  • Mature monitoring and service systems: 24/7 network-wide monitoring, smart monitoring and scheduling based on service quality.
  • With scalable resources, you are charged only for resources you use, and can achieve cross-carrier, cross-region network-wide coverage.
  • Two billing methods are provided, PayByTraffic, and PayByBandwidth, to satisfy different business needs.
  • The service automatically responds to site traffic spikes and makes adjustments without user intervention, reducing pressure on the origin site.
Easy to use
  • You can add, delete, modify, and query domain names on your own by using a wide range of simple custom configuration options. CDN supports customizing anti-leech measures, cache policies, HTTP request headers, and other functions
  • The open API interfaces provide functions such as service activation, content refreshing, monitoring data retrieval, and distribution log download
Reliable and Trusted

Alibaba Cloud stands out to be the first cloud security provider to earn the ISO Information Security Management System Certification in China which makes it popular among users. Moreover, Alibaba cloud is one of the first few service providers to offer Cloud Security alliances (CSA) Star certification for its global facilities. This certification is an enhancement to ISO/IEC 270001 standard that addresses issues regarding cloud security.

Record-breaking Performance

Alibaba Cloud has set new records at Sort Benchmark in data sorting, and has a proven record in mitigating DDoS attacks along with processing high volumes of e-commerce transactions.

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