Businesses Need a Disaster Recovery Solution

For businesses, having a disaster recovery plan in place is not optional – it’s critical. Indeed, the recent spike in natural disasters has many organizations thinking about their business continuity plans.In order to be ready for these inevitable situations, experts recommend that large enterprises and small businesses alike put together a disaster recovery/business continuity (DR/BC) plan. And because so much of today’s business takes place digitally, that means making a plan for how to get IT systems back online after an outage.
We help you build and manage a robust DR system delivering availability and performance within agreed Service Levels.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery Solutions:

Limit the losses due to revenue reduction or other costs

By reducing restore times of business information systems, you can limit the losses not only in terms of revenues, but even related to, for example, costs for possible damage caused by downtime and management or technical assistance expenditure.

Minimize the interruption of Critical Processes and safeguard business operations

Disaster Recovery solution these kinds of processes will be preserved and possible interruptions minimized, by allowing a short resume to operations.

Avoid to compromise the business reputation

As shortly said in the last posts, downtimes caused by unexpected incidents seriously threaten the firms’ reputation.

Define simplified processes of action to face unexpected situations and predict a controlled resume to operations

Disaster Recovery, any action of intervention in case of emergency will be planned previously, by allowing a short restoration, controlled in all its stages.

Granular management

The DR solution enables to manage replications in a granular way (which means restoration of data at file level or even smaller units), with that aim of assuring a complete recovery of data and services.

No impact on performance

Replication of business infrastructure on one or more Disaster Recovery sites ensures no impact on performance.

Control and customization of your own Disaster Recovery

The last benefit we talk about is the chance to customize and monitor your own Disaster Recovery.In addition, you can control constantly your Disaster Recovery site.

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