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Enterprise cloud is a computing environment for businesses that offers enhanced performance, reduced cost and superior security. Using web services to deliver a platform, infrastructure and software, enterprise is scalable and agile. Enterprise clouds are replacing traditional on-premise servers and other storage systems because they’re faster, reduce latency and prevent data loss. Enterprise environments are most efficient when coupled with a management system to simplify storage at scale.
These features and elasticity give software development and information technology operations (DevOps) teams and companies the space, self-service and analytics they need to develop, test, deploy and release new apps and software. Once thought to be sluggish and unreliable, the incredible pace of development in enterprise-level computing has made it the hottest choice for commercial data storage and software development in the world today.

Benefits of Enterprise Cloud Solutions:

The cloud has less operational issues:

Cloud computing may seem complicated, but it actually has way fewer issues than other infrastructures. Since the cloud runs on its own servers through a company whose only job is to make the cloud functional and bug-free, it’s usually a whole lot more reliable than your own, on-location server.
In fact, the minute a small bug arises, the company that runs your cloud network is probably already looking for a fix. If this was your remote server, you’d have to file a claim with tech support and have the department send someone down to look at it.

The cloud actually saves you money:

One of the best parts of the cloud is that it actually saves you money in the long run. If you don’t have to hire a tech support team to fix server issues, well, that’s already cash in your pocket.

The cloud requires less capital:

It’s okay to admit that one of the hardest parts of running a startup is coming up with the capital to make your business model work and pay your employees. Server costs can be astronomical and a huge investment.

Cloud computing increases collaboration amongst your team:

Cloud computing is made for collaboration and file-sharing. Cloud computing lets your team edit files in real time and accesses them from anywhere in the world. Your team can be anywhere in the world and still work together.

Cloud computing reduces your carbon footprint:

Cloud computing requires less physical servers. This allows companies to downsize their data centers (or completely get rid of them). Less servers means less resources used. Plus, the increased ability to share files requires way fewer printouts among your team, saving the planet and saving you money.

The cloud is always on:

Have you ever made the unfortunate mistake of forgetting an important file at work? Maybe your flash drive didn’t properly save it or maybe your email to yourself never went through.
You don’t have to rush all the way back to the office to grab something from your server if you’re on the cloud. The cloud is always on, so if you have an Internet connection you can get the applications you need from literally anywhere.
The cloud gives employees a better work-life balance
Remember the importance of increasing collaboration and how the cloud is always on? Well, one of the many cloud computing benefits is directly related. Cloud computing creates a better work-life balance for your employees.

The cloud has better security:

Cloud computing offers more security than local servers. You never have to worry about losing critical data and business applications because of a natural disaster or full-on computer meltdown.
It’s easy to implement
Getting started with the cloud seems like it would be complicated, but it’s really not compared to installing a brand new local server. AKP consultants can help you seamlessly migrate.

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