Enterprise WiFi Solution

Enterprise WiFi Solutions

AKP Consultants are built for scalable multi-site, multi-branch deployments. All your AKP Consultants can be remotely configured and managed using the In Control cloud-based central management platform. With In Control 2, you can reduce management costs by centralizing SSID and firmware updates, as well as perform bulk device configuration. Monetize public-facing Wi-Fi networks by using AKP Consultant’s Ad Delivery Service to deliver video advertisements and surveys to clients. With network administrators can remotely monitor their wireless networks and ensure the service quality by performing continuous client simulations and Wi-Fi channel diagnostics.
We help Wi-Fi companies to define their B2B strategy, focusing on both small and medium businesses (SMB) and large enterprises. Our teams help clients to transform their businesses to meet customer needs. We provide expertise on new growth opportunities, such as cloud services and enterprise mobility.

Benefits of Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions:-

• Designed for high density Wi-Fi use and requires multiple access points.
• Scalable to meet growing demand.
• Network load size a bigger consideration to handle company operations and customer/client access simultaneously.
• Equipment designed to last longer than consumer equipment.
• Equipment designed to run all day, every day to support operations.
• Better options for linking up access points.
• Ability to control system from a single administrative hub allows companies of all sizes to maintain the extensive networks they need and for which their customers are looking.
• Reliable tech support to provide quick fixes to problems.

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