Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

An intrusion detection system (IDS) is a type of security software designed to automatically alert administrators when someone or something is trying to compromise information system through malicious activities or through security policy violations.
An IDS works by monitoring system activity through examining vulnerabilities in the system, the integrity of files and conducting an analysis of patterns based on already known attacks. It also automatically monitors the Internet to search for any of the latest threats which could result in a future attack.

Basically, Intrusion Detection System need to be performs the following tasks:-

• The network or computer is constantly monitored for any invasion or attack.
• The system can be modified and changed according to needs of specific client and can help outside as well as inner threats to the system and network.
• It effectively prevents any damage to the network.
• It provides user friendly interface which allows easy security management systems.
• Any alterations to files and directories on the system can be easily detected and reported.

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