IT Facility Management Services

We offer Facility management services on Service Level Agreement (SLA) Model and Time and Manpower based support model. We also specialized in providing remote management support in this area. We provide a more cost-effective method of managing and protecting enterprise networks, systems and applications. Our services comprises a comprehensive, integrated suite of services to manage a client’s distributed computing environment as a single entity—all with single point-of accountability. Our facilities include Desktop management, Management Server solutions, Network Management & Security Management. The Facilities Manager is responsible for managing the physical environment where the IT infrastructure is located. This includes all aspects of managing the physical environment, for example power and cooling, building access management, and environmental monitoring.

Benefits of IT Managements Services

Reduce the total cost of operations

Exposure to risks associated with the health and safety of tenants and their employees can be substantial. Sharing some of the risks that stem from facility maintenance and management practices with the service provider can lead to cost savings that add up over time.

Focus client on core business activities

Corporate resources that can be redirected to core business objectives and activities will contribute to measurable results in organizational growth and productivity. These results will produce additional revenues and margins that may flow directly to the bottom line.

Rationalize staffing costs

The costs associated with an in-house facility management program can be prohibitive. HR services, employee turnover and training, and the senior management of policy and planning require a significant commitment of resources.

Facilitate service delivery

It’s a rapidly changing world of building information systems and technology enhancements to mechanical systems.The more an organization is oriented toward potential for growth and expansion, the more important it is to be on the leading edge of new developments in the field.

Optimize asset utilization

A optimize asset utilization service provider with sole responsibility for continuous needs analysis and constant customer satisfaction will provide focused results. One point of contact for the organizational communication channel will streamline in-house procedures and policy initiatives

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