Server Backup and Recovery

Server Backup and Recovery:-

Providing a robust and reliable server backup support is a challenge in this constantly evolving world of IT.A backup server consists of standard hardware server with substantial storage capacity, mostly with redundant storage drives and a purpose built backup server application. The backup schedule for each computer may be installed with a client utility application or configured within the host operating system (OS). At the scheduled time, the host connects with the backup server to initiate the data backup process. The backup may be retrieved or recovered in the event of data loss, data corruption or disaster recovery.

Benefits of Server Backup and Recovery:

1. Comprehensive and reliable data protection.
2. Automatic and secure offsite electronic vaulting.
3. Better control over restoring data.
4. Improved security.
5. A complete data protection solution.
6. Immediate data restoration.
7. Enhanced ability to demonstrate compliance.
8. Freedom from routine backup and restore tasks.
9. Increased competitive advantage.
10. Greater reliability in recovering all data.

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