Hybrid Cloud Services

Hybrid Cloud Services

A hybrid cloud is a computing environment which combines a public cloud and a private cloud by allowing data and applications to be shared between them. When computing and processing demand fluctuates, hybrid cloud computing gives businesses the ability to seamlessly scale their on-premises infrastructure up to the public cloud to handle any overflow – without giving third-party datacenters access to the entirety of their data. Organizations gain the flexibility and computing power of the public cloud for basic and non-sensitive computing tasks, while keeping business-critical applications and data on-premises, safely behind a company firewall.
All cloud computing services should offer certain efficiencies to different degrees but public cloud services are likely to be more cost efficient and scalable that private clouds. With hybrid cloud, an organization can maximize their efficiencies by employing public cloud services for all non-sensitive operations, only relying on a private cloud where they require it, with it ensuring that all platforms are seamlessly integrated.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Services:

  • Hybrid cloud has the benefit of being cost effective as organizations pay for the public cloud portion of their infrastructure only when it is needed.
  • With hybrid cloud, organization’s workloads get on-premise computational efficiency which ensures maximum workload management
  • You also get highly scalable and flexible designed servers which you can use for yourself and even offer it to a number of individuals so they can also make use of it.
  • One of the leading benefits of a hybrid cloud is that you get a centralized private infrastructure on premises.
  • The availability of both secure resource and scalable cost effective public resource can provide organizations with more opportunities to explore different operational avenues
  • The private cloud element of the hybrid cloud model not only provides the security where it is needed for sensitive operations, but can also satisfy regulatory requirements for data handling and storage where it is applicable.

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