IBM Blue Mix

IBM Blue Mix

“A platform where developers can act like kids in a sandbox—except this box is enterprise-grade.”
Now that IBM Bluemix is open to general availability, let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits of the service.
Platform as a service (PaaS) is a service model where providers deliver not only infrastructure but also middleware (databases, messaging engines and so on) and solution stacks for application build, development and deploy. Bluemix is a PaaS offering from IBM based on open standards and cloud to build, deploy, manage and run omni-channel applications like web and mobile, big data and other smart services.

Benefits of IBM Bluemix

Now, let’s look at some of the features of Bluemix:
• Bluemix is the new development environment built on Cloud Foundry for the cloud era to build applications rapidly and incrementally composed from services.

• Open standards allow developers to avoid vendor lock-in, leveraging the open and flexible cloud environment using a variety of tools from IBM, third party or open technologies.

• Bluemix offers more than 200 software and middleware patterns available from IBM and IBM Business Partners to help enterprise and born-on-the-cloud developers develop portable and compatible applications for hybrid cloud. Pre-built services make application assembly very easy.

• It provides an integrated experience for the developers with DevOps in the cloud and thus helps them build enterprise and mobile applications quickly and more efficiently.

Bluemix DevOps provides:

• Facility to store and manage code by means of Git repository

• A built-in web integrated development environment (IDE)

• Easy integrations with popular development tools like Eclipse and Visual Studio

• Agile planning, tracking and team collaboration

• Services for automatic application deployment

• BluemixDevOps allows developers to transform an idea to an application faster.

• It hides the complexities associated with hosting and managing cloud-based applications so that developers can just focus on development.

• Bluemix can automatically scale a deployed application up or down based on application usage

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